Tuesday, 16 November 2010

New Work - Seasonal Maidens

I have been creating illustrations of 'ethereal maidens' for each season this year and have just completed one for Autumn, a rather blustery design which is fitting for the recent change in weather.

Just winter to complete now, with any luck I will post it before the year is out and then can look forward to ushering the spring again!

Here are all the designs so far (click to enlarge):

 Autumn Maiden

Summer Maiden

Spring Maiden

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


My latest work can be seen up on the FormFiftyFive website from Monday 8th November for one week as part of a weekly showcase of artists belonging to the Unseen Agency. I recommend anyone interested in design to check out this great website which profiles many interesting artists and designers.

For those who's fingers have seized up and are unable to click, here is a preview of the work (but please check out the site if you get a chance!)

The website can be seen here: http://www.formfiftyfive.com/

For more Unseen Agency artists: http://www.unseenagency.co.uk/